Unlock It

Use knowledge and skill to effectively apply Strengths given the situational needs and goals—including contributing your strengths with wisdom and non- judgment in response to own and others’ needs, triggers, & over/underuse patterns.

DURATION: 90 minutes

VENUE: Indoor




457 of the top Fortune 500 companies have encouraged employees to become adept in understanding their own strengths. However, it is not enough to merely know your strengths, you must know how to strategically use them in consistent ways that allow you to co-create sustained high energy and performance experiences for yourself and others. UnlockIt - The Power of Strengths Use is about focusing attention on effectively and strategically applying strengths in ways that will lead to optimal performance every time.


1. See how to increase your Work Joy and engagement, Team Connection, Confident Vulnerability and trust, Performance, productivity, and Proactivity.

2. Change your negative feelings and interactions by understanding and applying strengths more effectively.

3. Recognize the role of strengths in producing sustained, optimal performance, and high energy.

4. Get beyond simply knowing what your strengths are, to see what to do with that knowledge.